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Happy SamHain everyone....

And to all who dont know, "Happy Halloween" to all the peeps and the creeps.

Writer's Block: Captain Planet

If everyone had their own small planet to live on and care for (like in The Little Prince), what would your planet be like?

That depends on me....I would say the planet more or less stays the same except the aliens share more tech with us and we are more trustworthy and believeable. its hard to govern choice.

Writer's Block: When I grow up

Do you think your parents made any major mistakes in how they raised you? If so, how did it affect you?

Well the problem is of course my parents made major mistakes..I believe all parents do.  But it is by design that the child will never be fully prepared to encounter the randomness of the world.  I can say even if my folks could repair some mistakes there would be others to take its place.  Its a better turnout then what could've been.  But I cannot personally point out how exactly my parents messed up.  It was too many different things some random some intentional.  some reactional from both sides of the conflict.  But all in all I am still learning lessons.  I really dont know how it affects me except in convincing me it may have happened regardless on what path my folks would have taken.

Raise your glasses

Raise your glasses to toast the passing of Tiny Willis.  She was more than a cat she was a nurse, a sleeping partner, a paw to cry on, and a playing partner.  For the 15years that I have known her she never had a need to mark her territory.  She never had a need to fight for her share of any meal. She always had someone to peel her a sardine. and she knew her father, mother, older sister, cousins, nieces, nephews and human families.  she never stopped loving everyone she lived with and we will never stop loving her. Right now she is in a better place watching over us enjoying the good life. and ready to pounce on her favorite toys.(I was her favorite toy) One day I will meet her and be able to enjoy the fun we had and more but for now I must say Goodbye for now.  We will keep her ashes with us as a tribute to our good friend and comrade Tiny.      Excuse me a sec while I rewield my eyes from leaking fluid......

David Willis


I had some store bought mac&cheese and I am expelling enough gas to equal the natural gas pocket just found in NYS. On top of that I was thinking about a problem a friend of mine has...If I am not mistaken my friend met .....bob..... not too long ago and I believe I mentioned he has a myspace page it wouldnt be hard at all to run my friends troublesome roomate into .....bob.....'s myspace page. It might give the ex another target or the right target for her blind and wrong targeted rage and abuse. Even though my friend would never use .....bob.... as a nightmarish bargining tool, it would give my friend a distraction for a while( actually if you read .....bob....'s bio it would give an english major a heart attack in laughter and someone a fit if you knew him better ). if you want a memory refresh that would be the way to go....just throwing that out there. That all for now time to tap more gas pockets....
Do you remember the things you did when you first started using the Web and how it has changed your life?

I was playing on my brand new 386-40mhz monochrome gray scale monitor. Feeling behind on the technology race. I was impressed with the interface of aol and some of the things it offered. I wasnt even looking for porn on aol. At that time modems and BBSs' were still in the running with its text based games and email systems. But I knew it wouldnt be long when home based servers would be too expensive to upgrade and the BBS would fall by the waistside. I sorta miss those days when you actually had to call people on the phone and get together in person. Where you had no less then 20 people in your city meet in a spot and you party, eat, drink and get to know the whole group more. Its how I met my current wife. Nowadays you write blogs to people you dont and might never really know and buy items on an assumption that it is what the picture looks like. The Web has made me realize how far I can reach but at the same time how lonely we are all getting. We are looking down more then where we are going ( Literally and Jokingly) Its time for the aliens to shake us up a bit so we can get our heads out of our pdas and butts..

being sick

I hate being sick It forces me to think without ignorance